Convention & trade shows

A unique opportunity to gather valuable insight in a very short time.

Our Mission

C.S.M. in-depth approach is aimed to deliver 360°insights on new product perception and image.
Trade shows and conventions are a unique opportunity to gather valuable insight in a very short time from clients, competitors, dealers industry leaders.


C.S.M. International is a leading market research company that specializes in providing businesses with valuable insights to help them grow and succeed in the competitive marketplace. C.S.M. International’s offers a wide range of research services, including new product first impressions, branding and brand image surveys, pricing and willingness to pay, advertising and promotion evaluations, market insights research, and dealers/distributors satisfaction surveys.

Our Process

New Products First Impression

C.S.M. International’s new product offerings focus on delivering innovative solutions that help businesses understand and optimize their customer experience. By conducting in-depth first impression studies, CSM helps businesses identify key factors that influence customer perceptions of new products. These studies enable companies to fine-tune their product offerings, ensuring that they meet or exceed customer expectations right from the launch.

Branding and Brand Image Surveys

A company’s brand image is a crucial factor that can directly impact its success. C.S.M. International specializes in conducting comprehensive branding and brand image surveys, helping businesses understand how their target audience perceives their brand. These surveys cover various aspects of branding, including brand awareness, brand associations, brand loyalty, and overall brand equity. By leveraging this data, businesses can create targeted marketing strategies to strengthen their brand image and increase their market share.


Pricing and Willingness to Pay

C.S.M. International offers strategic marketing assessment and positioning services to help clients navigate the complex world of marketing. By examining a company’s current marketing efforts and evaluating their effectiveness, C.S.M. International identifies the most promising strategies for growth and differentiation. Through careful planning and execution, clients can establish a unique position in the market and enjoy long-term success.


Advertising and Promotion Evaluations

C.S.M. International is well-versed in evaluating the effectiveness of advertising and promotional campaigns. Their advertising and promotion evaluations service focuses on measuring the impact of various marketing efforts on brand awareness, brand image, and purchase intent. By conducting thorough evaluations, C.S.M. International helps businesses refine their marketing strategies and allocate their resources more efficiently, ensuring maximum return on investment.


Market Insights Research

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, staying ahead of market trends is more important than ever. C.S.M. International’s market insights research service helps businesses stay ahead of the curve by providing them with comprehensive data on market trends, competitor analysis, and emerging opportunities. This valuable information enables companies to make informed strategic decisions and capitalize on new growth opportunities.

Dealers/Distributors Satisfaction Surveys

A strong distribution network is essential for businesses to efficiently deliver their products to the end consumer. C.S.M. International recognizes the importance of dealers and distributors in the supply chain and offers satisfaction surveys tailored specifically for them. These surveys help businesses assess the satisfaction levels of their dealers and distributors, identify areas for improvement, and implement strategies to strengthen their distribution network, ultimately leading to increased sales and market share.