Logistic analysis

A Comprehensive Transportation Performance Analysis

Our Mission

C.S.M.’s comprehensive research strives to provide a holistic evaluation of logistics transportation performance. This analysis will present a transparent view of On-Time delivery efficiency. Areas requiring enhancement will be highlighted, and recommendations for improvement and re-evaluating agreements with transportation providers will be proposed.

Logistic Analysis

C.S.M. International is a leading player in the global logistics and supply chain industry, providing end-to-end solutions for its clients. To maintain its competitive edge and ensure customer satisfaction, the company constantly analyzes its transportation performance across various parameters. This article aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of C.S.M. International’s transportation performance, focusing on the Location of Loading, Type of Shipment, and Shipping Company. We will also examine On-Time Delivery with the classic method and explore a formula to further scrutinize the efficiency of deliveries.

Our Process

Transportation Performance Analysis By Location of Loading

The performance of C.S.M. International’s transportation services can be measured by examining the Location of Loading, which refers to the point where the goods are loaded onto the shipping vessel. By analyzing the data from different locations, the company can identify potential bottlenecks and areas for improvement. Factors that may affect the performance at various locations include port infrastructure, customs clearance, and local regulations.

Transportation Performance Analysis By Type of Shipment

Another critical aspect to consider is the Type of Shipment, which includes Full Container Load (FCL), Less than Container Load (LCL), and other specialized shipping services. Analyzing the transportation performance based on the shipment type enables C.S.M. International to optimize its operations, ensuring that each type of shipment is handled efficiently and effectively.

Transportation Performance Analysis By Shipping Company

C.S.M. International collaborates with multiple shipping companies to offer its clients a wide range of options. Evaluating the performance of each shipping partner helps the company maintain high standards and make informed decisions when selecting carriers for future shipments.


On-Time Delivery with the Classic Way

The classic method of assessing On-Time Delivery involves categorizing deliveries as On-Time, Early, or Late. For C.S.M. International, understanding the proportion of containers that fall into each of these categories provides valuable insights into the overall efficiency of its transportation services.

On-Time Delivery Formula for In-Depth Analysis

To gain a deeper understanding of how early or late the deliveries are and identify the root cause of any problems, we can use a formula that takes into account the number of days early or late. This formula can help C.S.M. International pinpoint issues and optimize its transportation services for improved performance.